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Best travel items 2017

Best Travel Items You Must Carry While Traveling In 2017

Depending on the purpose of travel accessories may vary but some of the essential must-have travel accessories 2017 you can’t miss packing with you. These things can make your travel comfortable and will help you to enjoy your trip more than without these
Best travel items 2017. We have made a list of accessories for you so whenever you are traveling just check these items must have a place in your bag.

Water Purifier Bottle

Many travelers’ complaints of the gastrointestinal problem while traveling. It is because of contaminated water they drink at a new place. You can try water bottles with lithium batteries which purify any water in few seconds by using ultraviolet light. So, it is a must-have travel accessory 2017 that you must carry with you.

Best travel items 2017

Best travel items 2017


If you are traveling for leisure or adventure and our traveling involves trekking or hiking than having a backpack is a must. You can keep your belongings with you all the time in a secure way.

Portable Battery

If you are fond of having gadgets while traveling than you must have the portable battery with you to instantly charge any gadget running out of battery.

First Aid Kit

Whether on a business tour or holiday trip first aid kit is one of the travel accessories you must have. Though, not needed every time who knows about the future? So, to stay on the safe side, you must pack first aid kit with you.

USB Drive

This is another one of the best travel items 2017 although the trend of USB flash drives is decreasing. Still you can’t beat its importance while traveling. It is one of the handy and useful travel accessories which can store your important travel documents. For example, you can share your hotel booking at the front desk through the saved page in USB. Or you can transfer your pics of the trip from your camera or mobile to save in it.

Universal Adapter

It is also one of the most important travel gadgets and gear which are required in any country or state you are traveling. It allows you to use the switchboards anywhere for charging your mobiles or laptops. Though, you can buy it from your traveling destination. But it is better to take a universal adapter with you to avoid any gaps in using electric devices due to the absence of charging ports.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Not being able to sleep while traveling because of surrounding noise. Noise canceling headphones is a must-have accessory for you then. Plug them in your ears and enjoy sound sleep during travel or listen to music.

Eye Mask

You can’t sleep because of light. An eye mask can help you to enjoy your sleep in the well-lightened area while traveling. It also prevents others to wake you up as the can see your eye mask and will stay away from you.

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Electronic Luggage Scale

It is one of the must-have and best travel items 2017 so you should know how much luggage you can take way back to home. You can assess and do shopping accordingly for your family and relatives.

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