Cheapest Travel Destinations Of 2016

Cheapest Travel Destinations Of 2016



1. Cambodia

  Cambodia has become one of the most popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia. Its main attraction is the Angkor Wat Archeological Park, a vast and incredible ancient temple complex, which believe it or not, is still staggeringly cheap to access for either a single or three day pass. Watching the sun fade away behind this structure is a magical experience. The food and drink in Cambodia remains significantly cheap, and there’s plenty of opportunities to experience its secluded beaches and hinterland that is home to elephants, monkeys and tigers!  



2. Vietnam

  Vietnam remains largely undeveloped and culturally intact despite its established and growing popularity. It’s also one of the most beautiful and inexpensive countries in southeast Asia, especially considering all of its amazing facets. Its French influence is still very much alive with fantastic patisseries producing mouth-watering croissants side by side traditional pho noodle shacks. If you happen to be travelling on to Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon, make sure you stop to take a look at the flower farms, local tofu factories, and the iconic rice terraces on your way. In each city you’ll find fascinating museums and colonial architecture which will broaden your cultural knowledge of Vietnam’s history and give you further insight into the legacy of this resilient country. 


3. Bolivia

  Bolivia is often referred to as the Tibet of the Americas, and is one of only two landlocked countries in South America (the other being Paraguay). Here you’ll find some of the best value food and drink in South America, with a bottle of beer and a bowl of Chairo (potato soup) being under $6. This rugged but beautiful country is mostly located high up in the Andes, and can require a bit of adventurousness to enjoy it to its fullest. The country is also renowned for an awesome Carnival experience in the city of Oruro, situated in the heart of the altiplano mountains. 



4. Hungary

  Budapest is Hungary’s historic capital and a definite must-see on any European tour. Here you’ll be able to indulge in luscious cakes, strong liquor, and then sweat it all out in the famous thermal spas. Meals are under $5 and train tickets are very reasonably priced. Hungover and looking for a day of unwinding? Spend an afternoon at one of the beautiful bathhouses and get a cheap massage. Budapest is also home to a thriving cultural and arts scene - in the Autumn the city erupts with music, theatre and art for the Budapest Festival. Be sure to checkout Lake Balaton which is the biggest lake in central Europe and stunning in the summer!



5. Argentina

  Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world and a must-see destination for all budget travellers. Buenos Aires, the country’s capital, has earned a reputation as being one of the most exciting cities on the planet with a highly enviable nightlife. Its terrain is characterised by jungles in the La Pampa Province, and the rugged Andes on the western border with Chile. In Patagonia, southern Argentina, you’ll find breathtaking scenery that is favoured by hikers from all over the world. Here lies Tierra Del Fuego, the most southerly city in the world and a popular departure point for the Antarctic. Bring your binoculars because in this area there’s regular sightings of penguins, dolphins, and whales.   


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