6 Essential Travel Items

6 Essential Travel Items

When travelling abroad it’s critical to make sure you’ve gathered all the essentials you need for a smooth journey. As is often the case, circumstances can change for any number of reasons, but with these 6 Travel Essentials you’ll be prepared for the unexpected.




1. Departure Wallet: Departure Wallets are the best way to keep all of your cards and documents together in one easily accessible and secure wallet. When at the airport you often need to have your flight ticket, passport, driver’s license, as well as credit cards and money on standby to present either use or present to an official. Keeping it in hand prevents someone’s thieving hand dipping into your back pocket. What’s also awesome is that many of these product now come with RFID electromagnetic shielding material - this helps deter criminals from scanning and stealing your passport and credit card information.  



2. Battery Charger: Using a USB connector you can keep your phone and other digital devices fully charged by plugging them into your lightweight battery charger. Airports often have free wi-fi so this way you can stay in touch with friends and family, as well as organise travel plans, booking, and banking while you wait for your flight to depart.  



3. Lock: Having one or two high-quality locks is essential for international travel. You can use one on both your suitcase, and even your backpack if you’re heading into dense public areas that are common hot spots for tourist muggings. With a lock firmly attached to your zip, any thief will think twice before approaching your bag from behind.  



4. Adapter Plugs: Adapters are one of the most overlooked yet ESSENTIAL items to travel with. Not every country has the same wall-plugins, so it’s very important that you find out what kind of adapter plug you need for your destination, and buy it BEFORE you get to the airport where the prices are often grossly inflated. Just remember, if you don’t have the right plug, you will have no electricity to charge your laptop, tablet, or phone, and travelling without a phone can be hell.  




5. First Aid Kit - Malaria tablets, diarrhea tablets, electrolytes: Different countries come with their own unique benefits and setbacks. For example, remote areas of southeast Asia provide stunning scenery and fantastic food, however, lack of access to clean water and exposure to Malaria carrying mosquitoes are a distinct drawback. This is an important issue you’ll want to address both before you go away and whilst you’re there. Some countries require you to get hepatitis shots before you go. It’s always a good idea to pack malaria tablets (if required), as well as diarrhea tablets, and powdered electrolytes.   


Neck Pillow For Flights


6. Neck pillow (for flights) Now, this last one isn’t as make-or-break as the last 6, but it can be your greatest asset on a flight. Ideally you’d love to land at your destination fresh faced, relaxed, and ready to go. Unfortunately there’s any number of things which can eat into your ability to sleep on the flight, which include the inability to stretch out and entirely lie down. However, having a neck pillow can provide your head with the support it needs to comfortably nod off mid-flight. Like the adapter plug, this is something you’re going to want to pick up at a travel shop, not the airport. 



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