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Travel Accessories Must Have

Checklist of Travel Accessories Must Have

While packing for your holiday trip or going on a business trip, you must have a checklist for travel accessories you must pack with you. The unique travel accessories will make your trip easy and enjoyable. Whether you are going to travel for the very first time or you are a regular traveler, some basic accessories are must-have for both. Your travel would be incomplete without packing these travel gadgets and gear.


This is Backpackone of the extremely useful travel accessories for the travelers planning to go camping, hiking or a city tour break. The backpack is roomy enough to carry your all essential travel gadgets and gear once you have to spend a day or two away from your hotel room.

Travel Accessories Must Have

Travel Accessories Must Have


It is also for adventurous travelers who like to explore nature. It is recommended to have a flashlight with additional useful features such as bottle opener or a compass. Adventurers only appreciate the value of this travel gadget.

Travel Steam Iron

Here’s another idea for Travel accessories must have useful travel accessory particularly for business travelers. Compact mini travel steam iron does not take much space in your luggage. But it does help you to remove wrinkles from your packed clothes and make you ready to attend the business meeting.

USB Flash Drive

Although you can keep everything stored on your smartphone still some important documents, have to be kept in a separate place. So, if you can’t access them on your phone, you have a separate copy stored on your USB drive.

Water Purifier Bottle

You can’t find clean drinking water everywhere especially if you are traveling for camping. You must have a source to make any available water suitable for drinking. Camelbak All Clear water bottle comes with built-in water purification system. It makes any available water fit for drinking by its ultraviolet light in just a few seconds.

Universal Power Adapter

If you are regular traveler traveling in multiple countries than having a universal all in one adapter is a travel accessory you must have. It gives you access to electricity as soon as you arrive hotel room for charging your gadgets. Keeping it during every travel will save your time in buying an adapter from your destination.

Power Bank or External Battery

If you are traveling on a long flight, you must carry an external battery with you to allow you are using your mobile seamlessly. If your mobile battery is not removable, then you must have a high capacity power bank with you which can charge your mobile or even laptop battery. Nowadays we cannot afford to be disconnected from the world for much time. Therefore, to stay connected, you must have a source of constant supply.

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Noise Cancelling Headphones

For peaceful travel on an airplane or to listen to the music without interruption noise canceling headphone is a useful travel accessory. It allows you to stay in your world without interference or noises from the surroundings.

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