HandyCosy Designer Travel Pillow

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The Perfect Travel Pillow for Life! HandyCosy has designed the most portable and comfortable travel pillow in the world. Breaking their Kickstarter goal by over 200%, we have teamed up with HandyCosy to provide customers worldwide with this Ultimate Travel Pillow. Sleeping well on the plane is no longer just a dream!

The HandyCosy Travel pillow is supportive, lightweight and easy to travel with. It is an ergonomic pillow made of memory foam and shaped to fit the contours of the human neck thus providing the greatest support possible. The current market lacks anything handier or more comfortable than the HandyCosy Travel Pillow.


~ Features ~

1. Mouldable and can be compressed down 30% its original size for carrying.

2. Ergonomic design made to mimic the shape of the human neck.

3. Attached and adjustable neck strap, suitable for all ages.

4. Outside protective cover can be removed for washing.

5. Beautiful and lightweight dust bag included. 


~ Specifics ~

Expanded Size: 21cm x 17cm x 10cm

Folded size: 10cm x 10cm

Weight: 196g  


Includes ~

1x HandyCosy Travel Pillow

1x Dust Bag


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