Nylon Magnetic Fast Charging USB Cable With Magnetic Plug

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These Magnetic Fast-Charging USB Cables are so convenient, so powerful, and so slick that your phone will literally be drawn to it. Paired with a perfectly balanced magnetic plug connector (that won't harm your phone), this cable will form a perfect bond with your Apple/Android device to charge it rapidly, and will instantly detach the second you need your phone. 


1. High Performance - Two perfectly complementary, N52-Grade Neodymium ‎reversible magnets in 360‎° orientation, are placed at both ends to deliver an instant, ‎powerful connection. In layman's terms, there’s no more stabbing or pulling on your your device when charging.

2. High Speed - A perfect connection with your device. Seamless and no static electricity. Copper conductive pins are durable and rust resistance, high-speed, stable sync and data transfer.

3. Premium Quality - The high-quality nylon braided jacket material helps to extend the life of the cable. These USB cables are tested for quality control at 95-degree 5,000 bends until there is no visible damage. The connectors are also heat-resistant making them very safe. The high-quality copper wire ensures fast charging & stable data transfer.

4. Cross DeviceSimply install the magnetic tips on your phone, tablet, or laptop ports, and you'll be able to instantly switch the same USB Cable between your different devices whenever you need to. The connectors are strong enough to stay on your devices without falling out but can be removed with no extra tools and no wear & tear. 1 cable can be used for every device that you own.



  • Cable Length is 1 Metre
  • Android, Apple (Lightning) or Type-C connectors available
  • Max voltage 4.8V
  • Max current 2.4A 
  • Supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 
  • 18K gold-plated copper core plug with 24 AWG tight nylon braided wires provide stable Quick & Fast Charge and Syncs at USB 2.0 speed
  • Supports QC 2.0 & QC 3.0
  • Supports 2.1A charger and adapter
  • CE, ROHS & FCC Certified