The Ultimate Cosmetic Travel Bag

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The Ultimate Cosmetic Travel Bag


We truly believe that we provide you with some of the best hand-picked most innovative products, from the best manufacturers in the world.
- These newly arrived designer Barrel-Shaped Cosmetic Travel Bags include a drawstring to help you stylishly pack all types of cosmetics, so that you can easily stay beautiful during your travels.
- You'd be surprised how much these amazing barrel-shaped bags can store!
- These were made with 100% nylon material so instead of absorbing and retaining moisture like natural fibres, nylon pushes it to the surface, where it more readily evaporates making it inherently water-resistant.
  • Main Material: Nylon
  • Style: Casual
  • Closure Type: Open
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Shape: Barrel-Shaped
  • Material Composition: Nylon + Cotton
  • Item Height: 23 cm
  • Item Width: 17 cm
  • Item Weight: 60 g
  • Item Type: Cosmetic Case
  • Package Also Includes Small Pouch & Transparent Brush Bag